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What is it about a Who business book that keeps attracting so many readers to it? Is it the Who personality? Is it the Who business steps included? Is it the Who business book’s overall message that can make someone want to read over again?

Who business book


The Who book, of course, has long been one of the most beloved personality type books. People love Who books, and this popularity continues to influence authors as well as the way Who business books are written today. For instance, Robert Kiyosaki writes Who business books with a Who personality in mind. Many times he writes Who business books with the personality of a Who. This is because Robert Kiyosaki has what we would call the Who personality.


Robert Kiyosaki has the Who personality in every publication that he writes, and this Who personality is what influences his decisions and the way he leads his business. Who books with Who personalities are always in demand, because the readers love Who business stories and Who business leaders. These types of books just sell themselves. In fact, if you have the Who personality, you probably know what you are doing already.


So what does this mean for writers of Who business books? The key is to understand Who business books are all about. If you don’t know Who your readers are, how are you going to write a Who book? You have to understand that each personality type has its own voice and style of writing.


For example, a Who business book about networking can be written in the Who personality. If the author is writing the Who business book to encourage networking as a way to build a business, then he will be using the Who personality. The book may also sound like a Who book, but it may be about something totally different. For example, a Who business book about finding the perfect partner for a law firm might use the word “client” a lot and sound very professional, but it could be about a guy who wanted to take a girl out to lunch and she ended up liking him. Knowing the voice of the personality makes it easier to write the book.


The trick is knowing the right type of Who personality to write about in the Who business book or article. Then you just have to find the right personality types that fit into the Who business model. You don’t want to try to write about everything, but you do need to understand the personalities behind the names.


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