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We offer you to publish your guest article on our website. Our team can also take care of writing your content. Generalist theme.

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We offer you the publication of your guest article on our generalist blog !


We are a team of SEOs and web editors who are passionate about our work. Working for more than 12 years, we have been able to develop a network of quality websites which we fully own. We have also developed our network of partners including no less than 2800 blogs.

Since we have been practicing, we have immediately understood the importance of backlinks in a web referencing strategy. In addition to the internal optimization of a website, the creation of links from quality external sites, promote a better positioning in search engines.

Google is the most used search engine in the world since its creation in the 1990s. The algorithm of the engine has evolved since then and the techniques we used previously are no longer viable today. Thus, it is now inadvisable, even risky, to create backlinks from directories or referral sites of poor quality. Nowadays, the most favorable and natural strategy is the creation of a link integrated in a blog article or news. We are talking about guest articles and this is the subject of our activity.

To date, we have many recurring customers such as freelancers, small businesses but also large groups. We are more than happy with these collaborations which see their traffic and their turnover growing every year.
We would like you too to be in the same dynamic as our current customers.

What is the positive impact on the referencing of your website?

The guest article brings content to an external site. The hypertext link is contextualized on specific keywords or key phrases. In fine, search engines understand that these links bring relevance on certain keywords and the pages of the target site are better positioned on Google, for example. It will simply take into account the competition upstream (via an SEO audit) to configure the netlinking strategy. The objective is not to “crush the competition” but to do better than them by passing in front in the SERPs.

Logically, the more links you get from sponsored articles, the better your natural referencing will be. If you have a dedicated digital communication budget each year for your website, target guest articles as a priority.

You can of course create other links from thematic directories, forums or other to diversify your portfolio of backlinks. Personally, I apply Pareto’s law in my various campaigns. I create 20% of links from quality directories/forums/webprofiles and 80% of links from guest articles.

Is it possible to get an invoice?

Yes, each order generates an automatic invoice. You will receive it directly by email or it can be found in your member area on our website.

Any questions?

Contact us directly here: info[at]

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