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How To Register A Business In Canada?


How to register a business in Canada? First of all, before you actually start operating your business in Canada, you need to find out if you need a Business Number from the Canadian government. You can get this number at the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) office near you or else from the Industry Registration Canada (IRCC) office. After you get your Business Number, you need to register all of your business-related activities under your own name. For instance, if you have a beauty salon, you will need to use your business name as the name of the business where you conduct your beauty treatments.


The second step is to register your business name with the Business Directory of Canada (BDOC). The Business Directory of Canada is managed by the Canadian Industry Association, who is the registrant of records for all Canadian businesses. You can get the details of all the Companies and Business Names in the BDC Canada easily, by visiting their website, which provides access to all sorts of information on small and large businesses in Canada. The business name should be one that reflects your business, its objective, and the industry in which you operate.


You also need to get your business licence, and then file the same with the Department of Revenue in Canada. Moreover, you also need to register your name with the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). However, before the registering of business can take place, you need to get your business licence, which is valid for a period of one year. After getting all the above formalities done, you can now proceed to the actual business registration. To know more about business registration in Canada, you can directly contact the Canadian Business Information Centre (BCIIC).


The third step involved in the process of registering a business in Canada is to open an account at the Bank of Canada. The account is called Business Check, and the type of account that you need is Account of Business Check or BIC. The BIC account is more like an invoice number, while the Business Check is a bank routing number. Besides, you also need to pay a registration fee, which is around $100.


The next step that you need to take for the purpose of registering a business in Canada is to file your business name with the Registry of Functions of the Government of Canada. This is the final step that you need to do before you can run your business successfully. For further assistance on this issue, you can refer the Canada Business Directory. This is an online resource, which provides complete information on business names, addresses, contact details, type of businesses, filing status, ownership, and much more.


If you are looking for a way to run your business, you will surely find it very easy when you register a business in Canada. There are several rules and regulations, which you need to follow for the purpose of registration. As soon as you finish all these procedures, you will be allowed to trade and run your business freely. You can get more information on the Internet. It is a good source to know different types of business names, addresses, filing status and so on.


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