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How To Create A Small Business In Switzerland?



There are many ways on how to create a small business in Switzerland. The government of the country is supporting the growth of small and medium sized businesses to promote economic development. However, the economy of Switzerland remains dependent on exporting activities from other countries. For example, the steel industry of Switzerland is mainly based in Germany. Some of the small scale companies involved in exports are mainly based in Italy, Portugal, the UK, China, Norway and India. This has resulted to a diversification of Swiss businesses in different fields.

How to create a small business in Switzerland


How to create a small business in Switzerland? First of all, you need to look for the kind of business that interests you. Before choosing a government policy, it is important to make an estimate of the potential growth and business scope of your new venture. This will help the authorities in financing your project. You should also plan for the management and other operational skills of your new business. The best way on how to create a small business in Switzerland is to seek the assistance of a Swiss offshore company.


An offshore company in Switzerland is a legal entity that can shield your business from the public’s eye. It provides you a lot of advantages such as being able to handle your finances better and enjoy tax benefits. Moreover, you can set up a company anywhere in the world. An offshore company is not registered in the country where you operate your business but operates legally in a foreign state.


Setting up a small business in Switzerland involves certain formalities. Firstly, you have to select a suitable company structure that meets your business requirements. You can choose from a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, bearer share, bank and even trust accounts. After deciding, you have to register your company in the concerned office of the Canton. Furthermore, you have to follow all the necessary requirements of the Swiss government and register it with them. You can search the internet for further information regarding the aforementioned details.


After registration, you can already start managing your company. You can start by choosing a location where you want to register. Next, you need to appoint the directors and officers of your company. You must assign them the tasks required for the success of your company. These duties include paying the annual taxes, paying taxes on behalf of the company, paying the payroll taxes, and managing the company’s assets, liabilities, and surplus.


In addition to all these, you must maintain regular financial records such as your income statement, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and tax returns. You must keep the records updated so that you will be able to avail of the tax benefits. For company registration in Switzerland, it is important to consult a professional lawyer to help you out in determining the validity of your documents and to help you in applying for tax benefits.


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