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Why is the social secretariat useful for organizations?

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The administrative side of a company is essential. However, the tasks to be carried out are often heavy and time-consuming. For these reasons, in Belgium, the social secretariat is most often called upon to take care of this. The principle is the same as outsourcing. There are several advantages to this.

A wide range of services available to companies

The services offered by the entities of social secretariat are really very diversified. The customers have therefore the embarrassment of the choice. Several departments can be concerned as long as it is related to the administrative management within the company. Social secretaries are often called upon to assist or supplement the human resources team. They intervene especially when it is necessary to ensure the payment of salaries to employees. Thus, they make the various calculations while taking into account the allowances or other benefits of all kinds. In addition to this payroll management, the social secretary also deals with the allocation, verification or recovery of leave hours, sick leave, absences, etc. In this sense, the clients give them the right to draft administrative documents of an official nature.

On the other hand, social secretaries are excellent advisors who provide expertise in many areas. On the one hand, they have know-how in terms of tax declaration and optimization. On the other hand, they are also specialists in labor law. For example, it is in the interest of companies to consult them in case of dismissal procedures. They really bring concrete solutions and relevant proposals to reach the desired objectives. The aim is to avoid as much as possible the risks of procedural errors. All these advantages will also serve to optimize internal operating costs despite the investment it represents to hire these professionals.

Better working conditions for employees

The majority of Belgian companies have not hesitated to call upon a social secretariat. Indeed, the services of the latter really bring a plus, especially in terms of productivity. Once certain low value-added work is outsourced, in-house employees will have less pressure. This leaves time for the various operators and managers to focus on the continuous improvement of their products and services. It is an opportunity to bring much more dynamism by avoiding to drown in the arcane of too heavy administrative tasks. The support can be personalized. Thus, the social secretary can act where it is really necessary.

This kind of outsourcing is also beneficial for the employees on several other aspects. Since the personnel management procedures are optimized and encounter fewer errors, the employees are paid on time and fairly. This may seem like a small detail, but it can have a big impact on their motivation. In addition, the social secretariat ensures that all social documents are correctly issued so that everyone can fully enjoy their rights and benefits. For more information, visit

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