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What you need to know about the DUERP

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The DUERP is a mandatory regulatory document for any company. The drafting of a single document for the evaluation of professional risks must be done in good and due form. As all companies are different and present specific risks, it is important to write a personalized DUERP.

How to write a DUERP ?

The purpose of a single document for the assessment of occupational risks is to protect workers. Writing it is not difficult if you follow a rigorous method. A good DUERP always includes an inventory of the potential risks of the company concerned. However, this list of risks incurred is not sufficient. It is also necessary to go through what is known as the handbook. Eventually, the company must be presented and the commitments made by the management must be highlighted. Employees must also be made aware of the regulatory frameworks, i.e. the regulatory texts governing the subject. Do not forget to classify the risks that may arise and to summarize them. Finally, it is important to program improvement plans. This is the step that allows you to give meaning to your DUERP.

The logbook is crucial. It ensures the traceability of the actions taken by any actor involved in the safety of workers. More precisely, it is a management tool that tracks progress over time. The presentation of the company makes it possible to know the number of buildings, as well as their respective configuration. It gives an initial overview of the risks that may arise. In this presentation, the nature of the activities and the organization of the company must be described. The management is held responsible for the safety of the employees. It must therefore undertake to take measures in terms of safety or in case something happens to the staff (work accident or occupational disease). Of course, the goal is to have “zero accidents” and that there are no safety gaps. To ensure that the content is complete and personalized, it is wise to seek assistance in drafting the DUERP.

Why is it necessary to be accompanied by a professional?

Writing a DUERP requires specific methods for each type of company. For example, the contents found in scientific texts are not the same as those found in a legal document. Or the administrative terms differ from the everyday language used in everyday life. Whether it is the writing style, the vocabulary or the sentence structure, everything varies according to the field concerned. The DUERP is more of an administrative document, but at the same time it includes a technical aspect in safety. Therefore, it is necessary to call upon a professional to clarify the information for a better understanding.

Using a professional firm to write the DUERP has several advantages. On the one hand, the information will be clear. On the other hand, no detail will be forgotten. A professional does not only analyze the risks and write the document. He also provides valuable advice such as the need to update the document regularly. Indeed, a company develops and the structure of the buildings can go in the same direction. Not keeping the DUERP up to date can be subject to a penal sanction.

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