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The secrets to improving recruitment in companies

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Human resources management plays an important role in the activity of a company. It is from the work of the HR department that the quality and quantity of production begins. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the recruitment. Sometimes it is necessary to call upon an external HR firm.

How do you recruit your staff?

The recruitment of personnel is crucial for the continuation of the work of a company. Indeed, a well done recruitment allows to find the best workers. A good worker offers a qualitative and quantitative work. However, finding the right candidates is not always easy. The quality of recruitment depends on the HR strategy adopted. However, regardless of the HR strategy, you must always go through the process design stage. The process is the preliminary step in developing the action plans for a recruitment. It defines everything that needs to be done. For example, the communication channels used for advertisements, the profiles sought, the tests to be taken, etc. A process is a meticulous work with details, not just the outline of a plan.

An HR strategy involves the entire company when it comes to recruiting. While the ideas come from the HR department, the implementation of most ideas requires the collaboration of the entire organization. For example, attracting top talent requires good working conditions. This requires the approval of top management (better salary, coffee machine, break room, canteen, travel allowance, various bonuses, etc.). ). It is especially the recruitment of managerial employees that requires good negotiating strength. These categories of employees often demand comfortable conditions, which is quite normal. For example, in order for a new recruit to feel at ease and to integrate into his or her new work team, the other employees must show good manners (sympathy, politeness, etc.). Then, depending on the situation, we can always find ways to improve the recruitment process.

When should an external HR firm be used?

For the most part, large companies have no trouble recruiting. Given the working conditions they offer, there is no shortage of job applications in their email box. However, when you are a small company or a start-up, you should not hesitate to call on external help.

When turning to an external HR service provider, it is advisable to choose one that is in the same locality as one’s business. This way, costs are reduced. For example, if you are located in the Vendée region, you should use a Vendée strategy consulting firm. Calling on an outside professional is, in a way, a way to develop the HR skills of one’s internal team. The point is that by seeing their work, you can learn from them, and even make customizations afterwards.

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