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The importance of the enterprise information system in 2021

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In order to work efficiently, companies follow and adopt technological changes. They store, collect, process and distribute information constantly. The use of an information system is therefore unavoidable today. Soon, an I.S. will be mandatory for a company, whatever its size. Focus on the importance of this system and how to optimize it to meet the challenges of technological advances.

What is an information system for a company?

By definition, an information system is a set of human, material and software resources that facilitate the good organization of a company. Its main objective is to transmit information to the right person at the right time in the right format. Its role is therefore to collect, store, transform and distribute data between the various departments of a company. An information system contributes to the achievement of objectives and has an impact on the performance of a company on several levels. Its use is part of a digitalization process. In order to use an I.S., digital tools and internet technologies are obviously used, such as the Cloud or APIs.

In an information system, there are several components that can be integrated, including the database of the general organization. If a company uses an Internet network, the infrastructure and the entire IT infrastructure must also be part of the I.S. In addition, customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) software are part of a company’s information system. All these different tools optimize work processes and save a lot of time for companies. An I.S. can also be used for social purposes. Indeed, the use of an HR software allows to better integrate new employees or to follow the career evolution of the old ones.

How to ensure an optimal functioning of its information system?

An information system is dynamic, meaning that it evolves. It needs permanent maintenance. Also, the various technologies do not cease evolving, it is advisable to update the various tools of an I.S of a company. For this, the best solution is to resort to a specialist in digitalization so that he can take care of the microservices architecture of the I.S. The term “micro” can refer to small works except that the microservice in an I.S. is a large-scale work that impacts on the functioning of a company. Indeed, this domain gathers several functionalities and requires a great technical knowledge. A bad manipulation or a lack of attention can block the I.S.

The objective of the microservices architecture is to ensure a permanent and optimal functioning of an I.S. To do this, a professional performs three types of activities: security, maintenance and development. The first one consists in securing the servers used by a company against data robbery. In order for the different functionalities to work smoothly, the specialist performs some maintenance by fixing bugs. The last type of activity concerns innovation and software development. This is the most important part since an I.S. must evolve, while facilitating the work of all actors in a company. All this work takes place in the background, the company remains at the consumer stage.

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