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The best ways to fight showrooming

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For some time now, the Internet has been changing consumer habits. This is due to the impressive evolution of communication and information technologies. Thus, thanks to unlimited access to information, everyone can adopt new buying behaviors. These changes in attitudes come from new practices such as showrooming.

What is showrooming?

In order to get the best deals and products at the best price, consumers are turning more and more to new technologies. For this, the new trend is to resort to showrooming. This is a practice that allows the customer to go to a store, learn about a product, compare it to others, try it on and do some scouting. In addition, he takes advantage of this opportunity to get as much information and advice as possible. However, he chooses to make the purchase on the internet. In this case, the physical stores are used as simple showcases or places to test a product and not as real sales places.

There are many reasons that push consumers towards this practice of showrooming. First of all, there is the ease of access to a wide range of products from different brands, from a single point which is the mobile or the computer. Also, it allows everyone to benefit from the availability of products. It is also the best way to get the best offer with the promotions offered by online shopping sites. Then, there is also the possibility to easily access different relevant and detailed information about a product. Not to mention the home delivery services. Some companies even offer free delivery.

How to effectively counter this practice?

This kind of behavior is very beneficial for online retailers, but is a serious problem for physical or offline stores. As a result, physical stores are in direct competition with digital retailers. However, like all the different problems in life, there is always a solution and a good defense strategy to counteract showrooming. In order to do so, you must first of all know how to put forward the assets of physical stores. To do this, we must focus on their difference with those online. It is therefore wiser to think about offering a better shopping experience to consumers.

Thus, it is necessary to frame and facilitate the path of purchase of a customer while ensuring to value each product. To do this, it is beneficial to allow the customer to make a price comparison in real time and directly on site. For example, it is possible to display the different information about each product on small dynamic display screens. Thus, it is a question of accompanying the customers, by using various innovative and easy-to-use supports. Finally, the human relationship is one of the biggest advantages of physical shops. Therefore, the salesmen must treat each customer in the best possible way by being warm, courteous and listening to their needs. This is essential in order to keep them loyal and to encourage them to make purchases.

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