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Contrary to what one may think, managing a small business requires great skills. With a good manager, such a business can develop properly. A CEO has to pass an education, even if he is a manager-owner and has staff. In any case, it is advisable to opt for a business school.

Why do I need to study?

The management of a company is carried out by a general manager. To occupy this position, there are many possible paths. The manager at the head of a company can be an employee or a statutory employee. His pay and benefits depend on his employment contract or status. To become the general manager of an SME, it is important to study. It does not matter which field of study you choose, because you can make up for your shortcomings with self-education and experience. Indeed, it is possible to learn the trade alone. It is then that one can, for example, have a master’s degree in law and set up a company. However, to pass an initial BTS GPME can prove to be very practical.

In order to manage your SME well, it is wise to take an initial BTS GPME, even if you already have another degree. The fact is that this branch of study allows you to acquire a well-balanced versatility, especially since a manager must understand the general functioning of the whole company. To obtain this diploma, one goes through several subjects such as foreign language, general culture, communication, etc. In short, the learner touches on all the subjects necessary to run a business. For the manager-owner of a company, the situation is quite stable since he/she is not accountable, especially if he/she is a sole partner. On the other hand, the employee must have a diploma and professional experience in order to be recruited. They must also prove themselves by passing interviews and numerous tests.

Why enroll in a business school?

Whether you are a manager-owner of a small business or an employee, you should always enroll in a business school for the benefit of the company and yourself. Of course, experience can teach you a lot, but training also gives you a better profile. In addition, practice and theory are two different areas. In a university course, you learn theory. In a professional training course, it is the practice that takes precedence. With the improvement of pedagogy, nowadays theory and practice are joined to form better workers.

Today, schools are adopting the alternation system. This allows students to benefit from theoretical courses, but also from a practical aspect. Thus, at the end of their studies, they have no trouble integrating the work environment. For managers who are already working and want to improve their skills, online training remains the best option. The key is to choose the right school. A manager who did not study business has a lot to gain by catching up. This way, his or her business can easily expand to the international level.

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