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How to solve vulnerabilities in the enterprise?

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In the course of a company’s activities, a managerial failure can always occur. However, this problem can be remedied when you have a good manager. Having a good CEO is necessary, not to say crucial, for several reasons. However, recruiting a competent leader is not always a given.

Why do you need a good leader?

Having a good leader is a must when running a business. The fact is that basic employees, by making mistakes, can be corrected. For the manager of a company, making a mistake is much more serious. The fate of the whole company is in his hands. He can then sink the whole company with him. For example, a wrong choice can affect enormously the budget of a company for the purchase of raw materials. A mistake in the costing of the order can cause the entire cash flow to be lost. As a result, the company suffers a big loss, does not produce, has nothing to sell and does not make any turnover. As a result, given the economic situation, it is necessary to reduce the staff. In the worst case, bankruptcy may follow.

In addition, the manager makes the most important decisions. He also directs the general operation of the whole company. Also, the CEO gathers information from the management (departments and/or services) and then makes the final decision. In case of a difficult situation, he is the guarantor of the company’s future and must find a way out. Indeed, he/she must be able to manage in a transitional period, to detect organizational weaknesses and to face a delicate situation. Having a good manager ensures the continuity of a company. However, in a company, competence should not only be found at the level of the general management. All leaders (directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc.) must be competent for the smooth running of a company.

How to recruit a good leader?

Recruiting a good leader is not easy. The higher you go in the hierarchy, the more complicated the hiring is. Indeed, the responsibilities are heavier for executives like the CEO. The competences must then go in the same direction. However, it is not easy to find a good executive with all the required skills. Generally, it is not necessary to do a competence test to such a category of employee. It is enough to study his CV and to make him pass an interview. Professional experience, character references and investigations of former employers are sufficient.

Solutions for a managerial problem must generally come from the manager and his internal collaborators (directors and various managers). If a company is in a crisis situation, but does not have a manager, then it can temporarily entrust the management to a professional management firm. At the same time, a manager should be recruited quickly with the help of an external HR recruitment agency.

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