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How to effectively manage visitor flows?

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The lines have been growing steadily since the health crisis began. Consumers are lining up for almost everything: shopping, getting vaccinated, etc. Their patience is being tested. Controlling the flow of visitors/customers is now an essential development issue. Let’s decipher it!

Technological solutions to manage customer traffic

Optimally managing visitor flows improves the customer experience. At the same time, it provides them with optimal security while they wait. There are many solutions to reduce the flow of visitors. Indeed, for a good management of the traffic on a given place, the counting system is recommended. Attached to a screen, it informs individuals if they have the right to enter or not. People waiting patiently for their turn outside can stay on site or use the virtual queue option. Simply put, they are notified via their smartphone when it is their turn. The smart bracelet is another innovative technological solution. This innovative tool is used to better control the flow of visitors to tourist sites or events.

In practice, customers scan their wristbands to enter and exit different areas. The information is then transferred to a dashboard. Operators are thus informed of the number of visitors, in real time. Also, to better manage a long queue, mobile applications and screens are installed in the waiting rooms. This allows visitors to know exactly how they are progressing in the queue. Within a company, 100% digitalized appointment scheduling is an efficient visitor management solution. It is a visitor management software for companies. Not only does it help employees, but it also responds efficiently and quickly to customer expectations.

Tips for managing customer traffic in business

Every salesperson knows that business activity is not uniform throughout the year. There are peaks and valleys of activity. For example, in November and December, Christmas preparations lead to a 43% increase in sales compared to the rest of the year. So, during peak periods, salespeople sometimes have a hard time keeping up. To manage seasonal peaks, several tools can be used. For example, by equipping salespeople with a mobile checkout option, queues at the cash registers can be kept to a minimum.

Similarly, salespeople can access stock data. This allows them to tell customers in which store the missing product is available. In addition, to facilitate daily interaction with customers, online assistance software is an effective tool. From conversations with one or more individuals, voice and/or video calls, animated feedback on messages or sending files and images, it responds quickly and in real time to the demands of potential buyers. However, managing the influx of visitors/customers is not an easy task. It is better to call upon a specialized company such as Xifab to get the expected result.

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