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Company: how to choose a call center provider?

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Sales and telephone prospecting are essential tasks to have the chance to obtain positive results. However, these are more or less complex tasks. Being at the heart of the company’s development, they must be carried out in the right way. Hence the reason to entrust them to an external company. A call center is a perfect ally to perform these tasks. This service provider promises many advantages in terms of costs, expertise and peak activity management. But to benefit from these advantages, how do you choose a call center provider?

 Know your needs first

The first step in choosing a call center is to know your needs. This is one of the elements contributing to a successful outsourcing. Ideally, you should have a clear idea of what you really want. For a company, the goal is to identify the call center that will be able to help it achieve its objectives.

In order to achieve this step, it is essential to know the expected service of the call center. To do this, it is necessary to determine the activities to be entrusted such as opportunity detection, file qualification, after-sales service, telephone reception… In addition to this, it will be necessary to decide on the duration of the contract depending on whether it is short or long term.

Hence the need to draw up specifications. This tool allows to write down the needs related to the activities to be outsourced. The constraints of the project must also be included. The specifications will also contain the different conditions for its realization, among others the working hours, the payment conditions, the number of required posts, the rules of confidentiality… In addition to these points, there are also the objectives to be achieved in terms of sales, leads and appointments.

As a whole, the specifications are a great help in making decisions and monitoring the progress of the project.

Make a pre-selection of providers

Before choosing the right call center, it is essential to first make a pre-selection of a few potential providers. You will have to do some research on the web and make a list of the essential elements about each company.

First of all, a reliable provider must have an official website. It is also necessary to check that it is updated. References must also be visible, such as the date of creation, the Siren number, the head office, the telephone number… These data allow to verify the quality of its services, its performances and also its working method.

But in addition to this information, it is also important to analyze the feedback from users. The way providers work must be adapted to the company’s culture. To better distinguish the reputation of a provider, it is necessary to turn to the information and opinions of Internet users on various forums concerning the company.

After this analysis, it will be possible to directly call the most relevant call center.

Other important information to analyze

Of course, it is not at all easy to find the service provider that will meet the needs of your company. However, it is better to choose the best one in order to benefit from good results. The ideal would be to ask the opinion of outsourcing professionals. They will be able to offer reliable information that will allow you to choose the service provider who will be able to properly handle call center missions.

Before signing the contract, some points must also be checked on this document. First of all, it must be precise, short and readable. The commitments of both parties involved must also be mentioned, such as the ownership of the data used or the options in case of breach of contract.

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