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Career in Data: good reasons to start

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Today, more than half of the human beings on earth have access to the Internet. This massive browsing, added to the popularization of smartphones, generates, at every moment, a large amount of data. It is therefore the right time to start a career in Data, because specialists in this field are highly sought after by companies.

Easy access to employment with the best conditions

Contrary to clichés, new technology does not always kill jobs for human workers. In fact, they are still needed and new jobs are being created. Big Data is defined as all data produced by the use of modern digital tools. To master it, nothing beats the human capacity of analysis and deduction. Machines and artificial intelligence still have their limits. This is why organizations are looking for Data Analysts or Data Scientists to expand their teams. Announcements are multiplying in this sense. It is not difficult for the concerned profiles to find a job. Whether they are large or small companies, everyone has an interest in recruiting data experts. The prospects are also global. Career opportunities are available in Europe as well as in Asia and North America.

One thing is also certain: the new Data professions are very well paid. Even for a junior, the average salary is 45,000 euros gross per year. This is almost the same level as an executive with several years of experience (almost 3000 euros net per month). Moreover, the path to career advancement is still very wide. From a simple analyst, you can find yourself, after some time, managing an entire data team. Given the importance of the positions concerned, companies do not hesitate to offer the best conditions to attract talent.

Helping companies face new challenges

As mentioned before, small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises all need, in one way or another, to exploit the Data in their hands. The latter are indispensable tools for the adoption of a global strategy adapted to the context that the world is currently experiencing. All departments within an organization can benefit from the help of a data processing specialist. This includes marketing, customer relations and research and development. Even when launching an entrepreneurial project, Big Data can show the way to the best ways to develop products or services.

Moreover, all sectors of activity are also concerned. Indeed, Data is essential to the world of finance in particular. The same goes for the health sector and the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technologies). The whole business world is now on the lookout for the slightest data that could be used to develop business development strategies. There is no doubt that taking a data analyst course is extremely beneficial. Some sites offer in-depth courses to concretely assimilate the acquired skills.

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