Business in Paris – Guide to the arrondissements


Business in Paris

Doing Business in Paris is part of the Paris region’s regional chamber of commerce and marketing. It provides a wide range of tailored services and products to meet your requirements. Paris has everything from French delicacies to fashion handbags and there are various touristic attractions that can add to your pleasure. A lot of people from all over the world visit Paris to have a great vacation and to enjoy the amazing shopping boulevards.


When thinking of doing business in Paris, there are a number of things you must take into consideration. France is world famous for its pioneering spirit and this has led to some of its most famous inventions. France has the best business laws in the world, making the process of doing business in France easy and inexpensive, even for small companies. One has to be careful though when starting up a business in Paris, as competition is very high.


There are many ways of starting up a business in Paris, whether it’s a local or international company. One can open a branch office in Paris and employ local or foreign workers on contract basis. You can also open a small shop in the town center or in your apartment. The best business cards to use are those with the logo of the Paris International Trade Center (PTDC).


Establishing a Business in Paris can be a lot of fun. It is the home of many famous businesses including: L’Essentiel, Carousel, L’Artisan and L’ Animale. Establishing your own Company in France can also be an exciting venture. When establishing a company in Paris, you must remember that your business name should reflect your company name and its specialties or products. Do not use words like “shop”, “office”, “marketing” etc in the name of your company as these might get you many spam mails.


The best time to start a business in Paris or in any European country is during the “Carnivals de Carnaval”. Most of the big companies such as Domenico Dolce, Cie Ticket and L’Arc de Triomphe attend this prestigious event. Even if your business does not manufacture anything at the time of the carnival, you can arrange some deals during this period, as most of the French companies buy new things at this time. The best time to start a business in France is before or during the carnival, but if you wish to start a new business in some foreign country during the carnival, then you need to make arrangements for a local representative.


The best areas to start your business in Paris are: Threault, Odysse, Avignon and Saint Germain. Threault is the old capital of the city and has many historical sights to see. It is also home to some of the best hotels in the world. There are many international banks, multinational companies and shopping centres in Threault. If you own a shopping centre in this part of town, it will definitely be a good investment.


The other very important area to start your business in Paris, is the city’s little squares. These places are full of cafes, restaurants and shopping counters. They are usually packed with visitors and there is no place to sit down and eat a good meal. Therefore, the best place to start your business in Paris is in one of these 9th arrondissement (districts).


These arrondissements are actually very distinct in style. One of them is the Grand Hotel de Paris, which is located at Neuilly-sur-Mer. This hotel is one of the most important ones in the city, along with the famous Hotel de France. From the Grand Hotel, you can easily get access to some of the important buildings in the city like the cabinet of the president of France, the headquarters of ministries of finance and ministers of administration etc. Thus, if you are planning to set up a business in Paris, it would be better to consider a place like the Grand Hotel.


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