5 Reasons Why Business in Lisbon is Beneficial for the Foreign Investors



Do you want to start a business in Lisbon? The first thing you have to do is decide the location. Lisbon has lots of potential and it is because of this the population has been growing steadily for the last few years. Lisbon is a hub for the European Union and provides the country with many opportunities that other countries cannot offer. Portugal is not so rich, so there are many opportunities for start-ups. It is because of this that the capital Lisbon is known as the “Business Capital of Europe”.


When you have decided on the location of your business then you can start looking for the share capital required. You will find plenty of banks and financial institutions willing to lend you the money that you need but the interest rates charged are quite high. In some cases the rates can be as much as 24%. If you have the money then you can use it to invest and create a spot firm.


The second thing you need to do is look for a suitable business structure. This will depend on your personal circumstances and what sort of business you intend to start. There are several options available to you such as Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company or Partnerships. As Portugal has very low taxes, you will find it very easy to raise capital. Portugal is relatively easy to set up and most companies can get their feet wet here within a few days.

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Portugal’s culture is a great attraction for many people from the western world. Lisbon is a capital city of Portugal and is famous for its history and culture. You will be able to make friends with the local people and make long lasting friendships when starting up your business in Lisbon. There are plenty of job opportunities in Lisbon and when you are finished with your business you can just leave to live in Lisbon and open another business at the same time. There is a large number of employment opportunities available in the Portuguese cities.


The third and main reason for starting your business in lisbon is that Portugal has some of the best Real Estate. The Portuguese people are known for building the world’s tallest buildings and this is a legacy left by the past kings. You will be able to buy a home in one of the best real estates in Lisbon at a reasonable price. You can also buy plots of land in the outlying areas of the city. The Portuguese people are renowned for their ability to plan a strategy to build homes. You can buy plots of land cheaply in Lisbon and then develop the land yourself using modern methods of land development.


Another reason for starting up a business in lisbon is that Portugal has prospered as a popular tourist destination. You will find that many famous universities, churches, hotels, restaurants, beaches, etc. are easily accessible from the Lisbon airport. Therefore, you can attract tourists to your business by offering great deals to them on hotels, car rentals and other forms of services. You can make lots of money if you start up a Business in Lisbon.


The fourth reason that has made the business environment in Lisbon very attractive for entrepreneurs is the general economic competence of the place. The Portuguese people have always managed to keep their economy going strong despite the recession and they have kept the business environment stable. Most of the Portuguese businessmen speak fluent French-speaking or English, making it easy for them to do business with expatriates in the lisbon area. Also most of the foreigners working in the Portuguese business sector are mostly from France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and New Zealand.


So we can see that there are many positive reasons why starting up a Business in Lisbon would be very beneficial for the Portuguese entrepreneurs. These are mainly due to the favorable business environment, excellent infrastructure, low cost of living and world class transport systems. All these factors have created a high competitive advantage for those entrepreneurs who want to establish a Business in Lisbon. Most of the Portuguese businessmen who started up a Business in Lisbon and became successful are mostly French-speaking entrepreneurs, which is another important factor that has made the capital of Portugal a magnet for most of the foreign entrepreneurs.


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